Children’s Papercraft Workshops


In this children’s paradise there is a pretty array of colourful paper: there are punches of every size and shape. Pairs of scissors; rubber stamps; crayons, glue, glitter and colour pens are all ready for use.

Each child in this category is supplied with three sheets of plain A4 cardboard. This is for picture or card making. To be able to choose one special sticker from “Draw 1” adds an unexpected delight.


Take a step further into wonderland: there will be a wider range of fancy papers and sparkling foils. Some of the paper is handmade. There are additional cut outs and stick-ons; selected ribbons, stamps and accessories. There will be bottles of every range of glitter.

Each child in this category will receive a choice of 4 sheets of textured or plain A4 cardboard on which to decorate pictures or cards. Draw 1 and Draw 2 will reveal an enchanting choice of stickers and one very special sheet of 3-D paper.


Going deeper into Aladdin’s cave, your child will be offered a treasure-chest of rainbow-coloured objects. There are glitter-pens and bottles of glitter. Colour pens, pencils and paint will be freely available. They may use shiny ties, delicate, fairy-wing ribbons and dazzling trimmings, to complete their artwork

Every child in this category will be given five sheets of a splendid variety of grained or textured A4 cardboard (or handmade paper) for their picture and card-making. To add to their enchantment they may dip into both drawers to choose stickers or cut outs or 3-D paper.

Creative Workshops (3 hours)

All workshops encourage free-flow creativity. Generally younger children tend to follow their own ideas.

Egg Decoration - R50.00

Join an egg-decorating workshop and have some creative fun! With your art kit you will be given one blown chicken egg and one Finding (hanger piece). You will be able to choose the paint and a picture that really speaks to you. During the class you cut out the scene and assemble the pieces. Beads, decorations and trimmings add the final touches to your beautiful and unique work of art.

3-D Decoupage - R100.00

To create stunning and different effects: use this third-dimensional technique of Decoupage. You start with a sheet of 3-D step-by-step paper. Mounted on cards or board, each layer is raised using silicone glue or foams pads. Stickers or embellishments give the completed finish a touch of pizzazz.

Make & Take Workshop


A variety of small projects in Decoupage, Ceramic painting, Folk-art painting or fabric painting are offered in each Make & Take Workshop.

All materials needed to complete an item are supplied. The fabric painting cushion is not included.

Special requests for items not in stock must be placed a week in advance. This will allow me time to source and buy what you need.

Materials can be purchased separately.


Workshop fees are paid according to amount of teaching and/or guidance that is required. This is as follows:


If you would just love to have space to play with creative ideas and socialise, with very little guidance, this is where you want to be!


It might suit you better to have basic lessons and some one-on-one interaction to help when you are in doubt.


To have a specific lesson, with step-by-step interactions throughout - from start to finish: this could be your option.

All workshops encourage free-flow creativity. There is guidance and help on techniques if this is requested.

Exploring and sharing rather than formal methods to making beautiful objects of art!