The doors are invitingly open. The room is brightly lit. In front of you is a wide work-table. Arranged in the middle and to the sides, are open baskets overflowing with a rainbow of cascading ribbons, cute buttons, bottles of glitter and markers.

An attractive pile of colourful and textured paper and an extraordinary assortment of materials are arranged invitingly nearby. Thread, glue, stamps, paper-punches, pairs of scissors and jars of gleaming paint are conveniently placed; seemly begging to be used.

Three or four eager pupils look up from their engrossed fingers and welcome you with wide smiles. You smile back in utter contentment, knowing that today you can let your soul soar and, under the gentle guidance of your teacher, you will create your very own masterpiece.

What will you be doing in this workshop? Will it be Decoupage, cross stitch, card making, fabric painting, glass painting or ceramic painting?

You know with certainty that today you will go home with a creation from your heart to let that special someone know you care. Or will it be something you have long yearned to do, and it turns out exactly as you hoped it would? Or you have learned something; achieved something; created something.

You have spread your wings and flown!