There is a shop in Dragons Corner. What delights await you as you step into ‘ye olde Shoppe’ of a bye-gone era!

There are craft materials of every conceivable make, size, shape and hue. Wrapping paper dances with fairies and tumbling puppies. Shelves are stacked high with unpainted ceramic figurines and different sized boxes. A wall of haberdashery drawers brimming with ribbons, cord, stickers, buttons and charming nick-knacks from past and present greets you.

You meander through the short, narrow aisles, gently touching an object, picking up a chubby cherub, running your fingers over silk and cotton, sifting through rose stickers and riffling through a kaleidoscope of buttons and badges and beads.

You are allowed to touch! No frowns or stern words follow you. You are in a magic wonderland!

A superbly finished rose-decoupaged bowl catches your attention. “This will be perfect for Mom’s birthday,” you breath tenderly, thrilled by the discovery.

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